Is using an eCigarette really smoking?

Well, it is and it isn't.

It is because there is "smoke". Yeah, but it's a odorless water vapor mist. It looks the same as your usual smoke, maybe better. Jazz draws like a cigarette, and you receive Nicotine and tobacco flavor. So, in this way, you're really "smoking". 

Where Jazz Electronic Cigarettes differ, There's no fire, no ash, or nasty offensive aroma. There are no harmful chemicals. We use a blend of a polyglycol suspension liquid along with cigarette flavor and Nicotine. Tar? NO! Why would you want to inhale Tar?

Jazz eCigarettes use a battery to heat the liquid, creating a vapor. Yet there's no heat. You get a cool draw and flavor. People will notice that our tip glows blue when you draw. All Jazz eCigarettes and eCigars use a blue tip.

You'll save money by switching to Jazz eCigarettes. Try our disposable eCigarette. It's priced similar to a pack of cigarettes, but you don't need to smoke an entire cigarette, or toss out an unfinished one. Ow, that's money wasted. Have a draw or two, ten or twelve, then drop your Jazz eCigarette or eCigar into your pocket or purse. No waste! Our Jazz disposable is good for about 300 puffs. How long will that last you? That depends on you.

So you tried our disposable and said, "Great! Can it get any better?" Save MORE money with our Rechargeable. In one pack, you'll receive 1 rechargeable battery (the white part), and 2 cartridges. That's about 2 packs of Cigarettes. You'll also have a USB charger for recharging your battery. Simple and easy to use.

Here's where Jazz really shines...Our Cartridge 5 Pack has 5 cartridges to use with your Rechargeable battery. Now you're smoking for under $3 a pack.

Go for it! Start "Smoking on Your Terms!"